cael_maeve (cael_maeve) wrote in exerciseburnfat,

Sorry for momentarily neglecting the community,
I'm dealing with a bunch of school crap right now as school just recently got out (I'm a senior now) and I'm getting college stuff in order so I've had even less time to get online. I'll try to get back on here later tonight.

(Now for something actually exercise related)

So how many of you actually follow routines? Anyone a part of any gyms? Into weight lifting?
I go to 24hr and I love it there. I don't follow any paticular routine, atleast not yet. And weight wise I can't do more than 10 pounds or so with my arms and maybe 30 pounds with my legs. How does that care to anyone here? I have no idea if that's really weak or what.
I promise a better post later and more getting stuff organized
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