cael_maeve (cael_maeve) wrote in exerciseburnfat,

4 hours at the gym and an idea

I spent 4 hours at the gym today. I don't feel tired nessicarily, more like that feeling you get when you've been in a hot tub too long and you just get out. I have two pictures to post when it's not 3 in the morning and I can cut them down to a proper size. They're what I look like now and what I want to look like. God I love Adobe, it's how I created the latter.
If you guys think this is dumb we won't do it, but I was thinking we could all make a goal of atleast a half hour of exercise everyday and then write in here to say we did it. It doesn't have to be very long, and no one has to, but this way we can share ideas for what we're doing for exercise and maybe it'll help us all want to work harder even.
I'm half asleep the way it is so I'm heading off now. Tell me what you think-
Cael Maeve
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