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Exercise and burn fat

Exercise to burn that fat off
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This community is open to those with eating disorders, compulsive exercisers, obsessive exercisers and everyone else.
Our goal: Burn Fat.

Feel free to share ideas, give tips, and talk about anything exercise related here. Support each other, buddy up, or compete; whatever it takes to keep the motivation going.

1) Be open and respectful to other people. This means if you don't agree with what they believe in or choose to do with their own body, be mature and keep it to yourself. (This also means no harassment or discrimination)
2) No trolling or flaming
3) We aren't doctors, If something happens to you while exercising and you need help, please don't ask us; see a doctor or someone else equally qualified
4) Please use an lj-cut for all images. If you aren't sure how to do so, please go here


While the media has put a lot of unrealistic images of people out there, not all of it is only achievable through lipo, other surgeries and botox injections. Yes you can get a flat stomach without spending thousands of dollars, Yes you can get a firmer butt and thinner face without going through surgery. Just put out some effort!!

What exercise can do for you:

- Look younger
- Give you more energy naturally
- Shape your body how you want it. Certain exercises will give you slimmer legs, others can make scrawny legs look fuller ect.
- Exercise gives you endorphins which makes you happy and feel better about yourself
- Live longer
- Look more attractive
- Gives you muscle which permanently raises your metabolism
- Can help keep you from getting sick, your healthier overall and aids in body growth

'Feel free to comment in the journal of cael_maeve to add more to the list'
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