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Intro post

Name: Ginger
HW: 197
LW: 120 *post pregnancy*
CW: 156
GW: #1 150 #2 120 #3 100
ED: Bindge Eating

I joined this group in hopes of being able to get different exercise routines and all b/c I get bored with mine ang it takes me forever to find another one that keeps my intrest and helps me to firm and loose.

Heres my routine right now *starts today*
Day 1- 30 minutes of toning exercises Day 2- 30 minutes of weight training Day 3- 30 minutes of walking Day 4- 30 minutes of pilates Everyday I do an additonal 100 situps.

I also stated a 3 day fast at midnight last night. And was wondering how if you guys fast keep your energy up to exercise after the first day of fasting.
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