flawed_beauty_ (flawed_beauty_) wrote in exerciseburnfat,

Hi im new...
i just started exercing i want to turn my ed into exercising instead so i can live normally.
I want to fix my hips cuz they are so big compared to the rest of my body....and my love handles are killing me. my hips are 3 inches larger than my waist thats so uneven. Maybe if i get abs then itll be more even. Does anyone know at home exercises you can do without machinery or weights....i do sit ups and thats about it. haaha. I want to lose about 10 pounds....

current weight: 119
starting weight: 139
goal weight: 109/110
height: 5'6"

anyone have advice for me?
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Seriously. Two years ago I discovered that I don't even have to do a single sit-up to get six-pack abs. What you need to do is burn that fat off with some cardio. And then you can find out how to get rid of those hips...

thanks...does squatting help you get more butt?
Squating will stimulate your gluteous maximus (butt) however you must do heavier weights in order to see your "butt muscle" grow. Your butt fatt, however, will not be affected. To lose the fat, do more cardio. To make it bigger, either a) gain more fat or b) do heavy squats.

Ugh...just say no to using cardio to burn fat.

You need to track everything you eat on http://www.fitday.com (it's free). Everyone has their own individual basal metabolic rate (BMR), meaning...if you were to sit on your ass ALL DAY long, you would burn X amount of calories. Add that with your actvity during the day and you will have your total calories burned for the day. So...with your current activity, if you burned 1,600 calories a day, and you were eating 1,900 on a daily basis, you would gradually put on fat. A pound of fat is about 3,500 calories.

Anyway...what you want to do to find your calorie level is take your current body weight and multply it by 15. So you're about 119 pounds right now. You'd take 119 x 15 = 1785. Then you'd subtract 10%. So 1785 - 10% = 1606.5. Basically, you'd want to stay at 1606 for about a week or two. If you are not losing weight, subtract 100-200 calories and then stay at that calorie level for another week or so. Which would bring you down to about 1506-1406. If you still are not losing weight, remove another 100 calories or so and stay at the same calorie level for another week or so. Don't let this calorie level freak you out. You'd be surprise by how much you can eat and still lose weight.

Once you find a calorie level at which you are losing weight, stay at the same calorie level until you STOP losing weight. Then repeat the process again.

Now...what you want to be doing is losing "fat" and not "weight". It is very easy to lose weight, but not "fat". If you lose 7 pounds in one week, it is NOT fat. It is water, some fat, and muscle tissue that you are burning/losing. Healthy fat loss is about 4-5 pounds A MONTH. >> A MONTH <<

What you want to do while dieting is to exercise at least 3 times a week with a weightlifting program. One that incorporates heavy lifting with low reps. Don't get confused by those stupid claims of "high reps for cutting". That simply isn't true. Heavy weight with low reps will convince your body to cling to your current muscle, while shedding body fat. Now, keep in mind, you will barely gain any muscle (if any) on a cut. This is a good approach because you will be burning fat while keeping your current muscle, which will start to make you more "defined" as you lose more body fat.


Now...when you're down to the weight you want to be, you're going to start increasing your calories in reverse. Meaning, if you are not gaining weight while lifting weights, add 100 calories or so and stay at the same level for a week or so. When you finally reach a calorie level that you are gaining, stay at that level until you STOP gaining and then repeat the process. Now...if you are happy with your body, find a calorie level in which you are not gaining or losing weight and stay at that calorie level and that's it. =] Keep in mind that as you shed body fat and then you begin adding some lean, feminine muscle after you get down to the weight you want, your metabolism may go up quite a bit, so you'll be able to EAT more while not gaining anything. =] When you get UP to the weight you want to stop at, then you can start cutting again to define the hard-earned, feminine muscles you you worked hard for. Another thing to keep in mind is that you will NOT get bulky lifting heavy weights. That is the worst and false myth that's floating around today. You CAN'T gain any significant muscle as a woman. Those muscular women in the magazines are on steroids. That is the only way they are able to look like that. Women have so much estrogen and hormones in their body that it allows women to keep their feminine shape. Continued...
Also keep in mind that...muscle weighs more than fat...so if you have quite a bit of lean muscle on you, you may weigh more than a weight you think you should be at and still be thin. This is why trying to have a "goal" weight while exercising isn't the best idea.

Here is a sample routine that you can follow: http://blindtwelve.livejournal.com/879.html

Also, there is a big myth that fat makes you fat, which it doesn't. Excess calories will make you fat. Fat is GOOD for you. It supports your endocrine, immune, and reproductive systems. The bulk of your fat should be healthy fats. Those can come from chicken, tuna, fatty fish, nuts, natural peanut butter, olive oil, etc... You can be eating plenty of healthy fat and still lose weight. Don't worry about the natural fat that comes from meat either. As long it fits into your calorie needs for the day, it's fine. If you need some good food ideas, you can check out this link: http://blindtwelve.livejournal.com/2059.html

With the right diet and exercise plan, you can sculpt yourself a very sexy physique. But keep in mind, it takes TIME, PATIENCE, DEDICATION, and CONSISTENCY. Results will not come overnight.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Take care!

P.S. I hope you can overcome your ED. That is very noble and admirable of you to want to start doing something about it. Awesome.